Out-of-school care rates 2022

Oya’s Childcare offers out-of-school care 52 weeks a year. During school weeks our BSO’s opens directly after the school closing times until 6.30 pm.

Our BSO at location Obrecht picks up at the Hildebrand van Loonschool and the Cornelis Vrijschool. At this BSO we offer out-of-school care from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm in holiday weeks.

The hourly rate for out-of-school care at Oya’s Childcare is € 10.04. This rate is based on a combination of school weeks and holiday weeks including transport, activities, drinks, snacks and daily a warm, biological meal.

The monthly costs depend on the opening hours of the school your child visits and on the days you chose to use our out-of-school care. We will gladly make a personal calculation of your monthly costs for you.

We also offer the possibility of incidentally buying extra (whole) days for € 120,-.

For extended care outside of the regular out-of-school care hours (see above) the rate is € 8,- per half hour. Oya’s Childcare also offers the possibility to request a day change at no extra charge (subject to availability).