Language development

Boy WoodsLanguage skills develop tremendously during the normal development of a child; especially in the first five years. With babies it starts with non-verbal communications; they express themselves through sounds, movements, facial expressions and gestures. The non-verbal communication then developes into verbal communication or spoken language.

At Oya’s we encourage the development of the Dutch language of children of all ages. We do this by not communicating with children in a children’s language. If a child does do this, we repeat the word in the actual name: for example, if a child says woof-woof, we talk about a dog. In everything we do we gesture next to the correct Dutch wording. Our nannies are instructed to name every action: for example, if they are going to pick up a baby, they will teel this to the child.

In addition, we will regularly expose children to the sounds of other languages by listening to a story in a different language, or by playing foreign songs. We will encourage the older children to sing along in a foreign language. In this way later in life children will recognize the sounds and familiarize with foreign languages more easily.

The language at Oya’s is Dutch therefore our nannies will speak to the children in Dutch. When we organize activities in the field of language with the children, it can occur that the nannies or others who assist communicate with the children in another language.