BLL-course Pedagogical Employee

In short:

Within a period of 12 months, you obtain an MBO levels 3 or 4 degree which allows you to work as a (specialized) Pedagogical Employee.
Alongside your BBL-course you will be working a minimum of 27 hours (and a maximum of 36 hours) on the daycare and/or the after-school-care. For one evening a week, you'll be going to school. We collaborate with an educational institute so you'll be following classes together with a few other colleagues, even better as you're all working for the same organization!
Oya's Childcare takes care of the payment for the course, so when you start you'll sign a study agreement. You'll receive a salary based on the CAO Daycare salary scale (scale 5 to 9). When you've successfully completed the course we will hang garlands and sprinkle confetti, because that's when YOU've officially become a (specialized) Pedagogical Employee at Oya's Childcare.

A pleasant, familiar, and safe environment

During your work days, together with your colleagues on the group (as a BBL-employee you'll always work together with a Pedagogical Employee on the group), you'll create a pleasant, familiar, and safe environment for children.
You're part of a close team. You'll be needing each other to establish a climate of peacefulness, attention and rhythm on the group. Together you'll be organizing and dividing your responsibilities to make sure every individual child gets attention.

Explore and develop

Children are naturally curious and want to explore with our their symptoms. As a Pedagogical Employee, you sense this and create your own environment where children feel encouraged to explore. You come up with activities that contribute to development, our nannies do this in collaboration with our child phycologist.

Development Pedagogical Employee

Because it's very important to us that our own pedagogical employees keep learning and developing their own knowledge and skills, you will be guided by our child psychologist and our pedagogical coach in your daily pedagogical operations.
When you join us, you will receive internal and external profession-related training within our vision of daycare: such as TINK training (language and interaction within a daycare), working with babies, individual video interaction guidance, intervision conversation with parents, workshop 'The space' as a third Pedagogue, First Aid, Emergency response and children that stand out. Aside from that, we would like to offer you our online platform, Oya's Childcare's academy with countless amount of courses.
This way we invest in your growth, enhancing the level and knowledge of our employees.

Required education, skills, and qualifications

• Available for 27 or preferably 36 hours per week
• Excellent command of the Dutch language
• Positive, professional, and energetic work ethic

Company profile

Oya's Childcare offers high-end daycare where individual growth, creativity, and social interaction of children within a stimulating environment are cherished.
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BLL-course Pedagogical Employee

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If we don't have an open vacancy that aligns with what you're looking for, or if you'd prefer a different location, please send us an open application!


Meet the people!

<span data-metadata=""><span data-buffer="">Read what our amazing colleagues have to say about Oya's and their own careers.


Location manager

As one of the first employees at Oya's Childcare, I started as a Pedagogical Employee at the after-school-care. Because of the trust and the fun atmosphere, but also because of the pedagogical quality this company wants to offer, I feel right in place!


Pedagogical Employee (crèche)

I enjoy going to work every day because I love working with children, but certainly also because of the fantastic team at Oya's Childcare.


Assistant Location Manager

Thanks to Oya's Childcare I was able to turn a passion into my profession. Because of the great guidance and atmosphere, I chose to follow an additional course to become a 'Pedagogical coach and policy officer'.


Take a look at our vacancies. You can't find exactly what you're looking for, but you do see a future at Oya's Childcare? Please send us an open application!

Oya's childcare is unique

Founded to fulfill the need  for high-quality daycare with an exceptional service package which makes the lives of parents and employees a little easier.

Locations & Team

Our three beautiful locations in Amsterdam offer a physically and emotionally safe environment, that supports and enriches.

Age groups

We're looking for dedicated, experienced, and sweet Pedagogical Employees for our baby, toddlers, and after-school-care groups.

What we offer

Working at Oya's is something special. We offer not only the children, but also our employees a stimulating environment in which high quality is key. 

A place to grow

You'll be part of an enthusiastic and loving team, with whom you'll provide the best care for children. Your development is our top priority. Because together we can help the children to grow.

Personal development

With the help of our internal training, and coaching there are many possibilities for your personal growth. Think of language- and interaction training or specialized baby training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any burning questions?
Continue reading below or send us an e-mail!

Within the CAO Daycare , you can find the qualification requirements for Pedagogical Employees. Here is stated which requirements are needed to be allowed to work as a Pedagogical Employee. For example, you can find a diploma list: an overview of degrees that with or without additional evidence are qualified.

The qualification requirement apply to every employer or employee in the childcare branche.

First, we'll ask you to share your resume and motivational letter with us - through the form on our website or by sending an e-mail to

After receiving your information, our HR employees will get in contact with you, over the phone, to discuss what it is that you're looking for exactly and if this aligns with what we have to offer and/or are looking for.

After a positive call, we will invite you for a job interview at one of our locations with an HR employee and/or a Location Manager.

If everyone remains positive, we will invite you for a try out morning or afternoon. This way you can experience what the role entails, and we can perceive your way of working. Afterward, you will get a brief evaluation at the office.

If our colleagues are all enthusiastic and would like to have you as a team member, we'll invite you to discuss the employment conditions and we'll plan your first (onboarding) day as our colleague.

We are always looking for ambitious colleagues and will continue to encourage this, but we think it is important to get to know you well first. We'd also like you to familiarize yourself with our pedagogical policy and working methods.

Depending on your position, you will receive an extensive onboarding program, and you will be introduced to our online platform where you have many opportunities to follow all kinds of courses and training, both in our field and beyond.

Together with your Location Manager and our HR employees, we will look at possible internal growth opportunities within the Location or one of our other locations.

With us, the safety of children comes first. And the government thinks so too: it requires everyone who works at a place where children are cared for to register in the Childcare Personal Register (short in Dutch:PRK). For this you need a Certificate of Good Conduct (short in Dutch: VOG). With a VOG you prove that your behavior in the past hasn't formed any objections to performing your job.

Everyone working with us has a VOG, including employees who are not in the group.

The costs associated with applying for a VOG and/or registration in the Childcare Persons Register are fully reimbursed by Oya's Childcare.

Of course, your child(ren) can apply for group placement. We will do our very best to find, and offer, a placement as soon as possible in the preferred location.

Each semester a new group of BBLers starts. We are always looking for driven and nice new colleagues and are continually recruiting for the next group of BBLers.

Please send us your resume and motivational letter, or apply through this website.

Everyone that meets the legally stated educational requirements for an MBO degree can apply for a BBL-course. To learn more about this, please visit the government website below.

Wij werken samen met Variva in Amsterdam, waar onze BBLers samen in een klas komen. Variva biedt opleidingen tot Pedagogisch Medewerker op MBO niveau 3 en 4.

On the website of Variva you can find more information about this education.

Andere vacatures


In short:

Kwaliteit, kwaliteit en nog eens kwaliteit. Daar streven wij naar bij Oya’s Childcare in Amsterdam. Liefdevolle aandacht voor de kinderen in een stimulerende omgeving. Veilig en warm, zodat zij zich zo goed mogelijk kunnen ontwikkelen met ons brede aanbod. Attent voor de ouders. Zo hebben we bijvoorbeeld een kinderkapper op locatie of geven we warme biologische maaltijden aan de kinderen zodat zij ’s avonds al gegeten hebben en lekker kunnen spelen met hun ouders. Oog voor onze medewerkers. Wij ondersteunen je in jouw ambitie, hoe groot of klein die ook mag zijn.


In short:

Within a period of 12 months, you obtain an MBO level 3 or 4 degree, which allows you to work as a (specialized) Pedagogical Employee. Working and learning at the same time!


In short:

Your love for children's development and your passion for this job make your day worth it. For the children you care for on a daily basis, the parents that trust you with the care of their child, but certainly also for yourself. At Oya's Chidcare you can do what you do best.

Will you come and work at Oya's Childcare?

We look forward to meeting you! Reply now for one of our vacancies or get in touch with us through phone, email, or at one of our locations.